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Why rent a Eugene Photo Booth?
Why not? A photo booth at your event will be an instant success, hours of fun for everyone. Not only will guests of all ages be entertained they will also leave with a unique party favor, a memento to cherish.

At what type of events are photo booths most popular?
A photo booth is guaranteed fun for all types of events including: weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, fundraisers, etc. People of all ages and backgrounds love photo booths!

What Makes Your Photo Booth Entertaining And Fun?
All of our photo booths are custom designed and provide guests of all ages to get crazy and have good clean fun. Anyone can strike a pose and let down their guard in front of the camera, it’s pure fun and excitement. To add to the fun factor we can also provide props for unique photo looks and scrapbooks for photos and guests to sign.

How many photos does the booth produce in an hour?
Approximately 30 to 35 per hour.

How many hours should I rent the booth for?
Depends on how many guests you will have. Generally 3-4 hours is what most people do. We can accommodate just about anything you want.

How many photos can we take?
That’s the best part! You can take as many photos as you like. There is no limit to the number of photos. So please feel free to take as many as you like!

When do we receive the pictures?
Almost Immediately! Upon exiting the booth wait roughly 7.5 seconds for your pictures to print from the booth! ENJOY!

Are the photos black and white or colored?
Your guests can choose! Every time they enter the booth your guests will have the option to choose between colored or black and white photos.

Is the booth easy to use?
The booth is very easy to use! Just get in, smile, and press the big button. The booth will take 4 shots approximately 5-10 seconds apart; each photo will be displayed on a monitor outside the booth. Seconds later the pictures are printed and available outside the booth.

Do the guests pay to use the photo booth?
No, guests do not pay since the booth is rented through one of our package options and paid in full prior to the event date.

What size events do you do?
We do all types of events big or small, anything from large corporate events to small intimate parties.

My event is outdoors. Can I still rent a Eugene Photo Booth?
Sure thing, we love an outdoor party! There are a few requirements. We do require a flat surface, access to a power outlet and we prefer some type of covering.

How far in advance do I need to book my event?
People typically book 3 to 6 month in advance. However some people will book with only a few days notice! As long as we have avalability we will be more than happy to accommodate everyone.

How do I reserve a Eugene Photo Booth for my date?
Simple! Call 541-525-6398 or email to make sure your date is available. There is a $250 deposit required to reserve your date and the remaining balance is due prior to setup on the day of the event. We will see you there!

Can the photo strips be personalized?
Yes, we can add a personalized logo to the bottom of each strip. Please inquire for more details.

Can You Create A Custom Designed Print For Our Event Including Borders With Custom Graphics?
Yes, we will customize a text graphic for you which can include names, dates, logos, custom colors, etc. on the photo booth prints.

Can we create our own package with different add on's?
Yes absolutely

Can We Get A Guest Book Or Scrapbook Of Our Event?
Yes, there is an option for a scrapbook and duplicate prints onsite. One for the guest and one for the book. (Call or e-mail us to discuss your book options)

How does the scrapbook option work?
With this option you are guaranteed to have a wonderful memento of your event. Here's how it works! Guests will be provided with double prints of all photos. Guests will then cut their strips in half so that they can place them in the scrapbook and write a message to go along with it. Scrapbook, scissors, glue sticks, and pens are included. Please note, client must provide a table and ensure appropriate space.

Do you charge for set up or take down?
No. Set up and take down are included in the price.

Is someone from your company there during the event?
Yes. Included in the rental is an on-site technician who will be there for the duration of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Where should we position the booth?
We suggest in a clear uncluttered area within the main space. If possible close to the action and guests - near a bar or other close area where guests are gathering and having fun - sometimes space is limited and we set up in the hallway or adjoining space - this also can work effectively

My Event Photographer Said He Can Setup A ‘Photo Booth’. How Is That Different?
For years photographers have setup backdrops, lights and a camera at events. Just recently some have tried to pass this off as a ‘photo booth’. It’s just not as fun! Questions you should ask if they do offer you a photo booth are: Is it a true photo booth that is enclosed on all four sides? Does it take pictures automatically or is it just a trigger on a camera? Do you get prints immediately at the event or are the images only viewable on the web?

Is the booth a 'proper photo booth"?
Yes it is a proper photo booth.
It is not a home made booth or a photographers made booth: Our booths are industry built by a manufacturing company to high standards

Will your photo Booth Look Professional At My Event?
Yes, our custom designed photo booth is one of a kind and is professionally draped.

Is Your Photo Booth Compact And Portable?
Yes! Many photo booths weigh over 700lbs and are too large to fit through doors – limiting their location usability. When broken down our photo booth can be taken upstairs/downstairs and through small entryways with no problem.

Can I Get The Original Camera Images?
Yes, the original digital files of the event can be purchased on CD.

What if I need to cancel?
You may cancel at any time, however the deposit is non-refundable.